When we argue with other people, we sometimes become really impassioned because we know we’re right ‒ and, well, why can’t they just see that?!

You’ll be glad to know that the truth is that you’re never wrong. You may not be so delighted to know that you’re never right either.

The human mind is an amazing thing. It manages to make us think and feel certain ways and become convinced that that’s the only way to see things. The ultimate truth is that we can never be right or wrong, because everything we think and feel is based on our own perspective.

We filter every single fact and detail through a lens of our experience, our biases, our preferences, the lessons we have learned and the things Perceptionsthat we believe. All those things are personal to us, and will never be exactly the same for anyone else. Our filters create what we think of as reality, so it’s impossible to say what reality really is.

When I say this to people, they sometimes point out that certain things must be facts. A physical object is often cited as incontrovertible evidence that some things, at least, must be indisputable.

But actually, even when we see a physical object, there’s nothing very objective about the way we see it. After all, a table is really just a group of vibrating particles that come together to make something that we think of as solid ‒ a table isn’t solid at all. And that’s the current scientific understanding – even science itself is proven wrong all the time.

And, really, what makes a table any different from a wide stool or a bench ‒ it’s only how we use it. If a table is used to store books, doesn’t it then become a bookshelf?

The idea behind this post is not to come across as pedantic ‒ it’s to challenge you to open your mind a bit and see that what you think of as reality is only your reality, and not necessarily the truth, no matter how much you may believe it.

Being able to think flexibly and think in innovative and open-minded ways is a great asset when it comes to solving problems, being creative, and even managing your mood. If you can see more than one side to the story, you’ll automatically have an advantage when it comes to negotiation, compromising, empathising, and making peace with people.

Open your mind and you open your world. Of course, you may disagree. I’m not automatically right either, of course. This attitude is one that I have adopted because it allows me personally to respond to life in a more helpful and effective way.

Maybe you have a different way that you believe is better. If you have, feel free to share your own wisdom below.

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