The Wiseism Philosophy

The Wiseist Philosophy is about doing what works. It’s about doing the right thing; even if it’s challenging; even if it’s different; even if it’s difficult at first.

Wiseism is about doing what you need to, to get you the results you desire, ethically. It’s about finding ways to do things better, and grow as an individual. It’s about using wisdom to improve your way of thinking, doing, being, growing and succeeding.

The aim of the Wiseism website is to gather words of wisdom together. We try to avoid the trite, and embrace thoughts and things that have a profound impact on how we think and live life.

If you have any pearls of wisdom to share, please drop Wiseism a line via the contact page.

About Beth (The Wiseist)

Before Beth Burgess became The Wiseist (a.k.a Lifelong learner,  explorer of thought, and sharer of wisdom), she was an utter wreck. No, seriously. She was an alcoholic. She had Borderline Personality Disorder. She basically didn’t know how to deal with life or make sensible decisions.

After a lot of work, learning and adopting new ways of thinking and behaving,  she realised that life is better when you work with it, not against it. By living wisely, she found her freedom, and she hopes that you will too.

Beth is now an award-winning, bestselling author, a respected therapist, coach and freelance writer.

She has penned articles for New Statesman, The Big Issue, Huffington Post, Tiny Buddha, and various other publications. She has appeared on BBC Radio and been featured in international media.

Beth is often sought out for expert commentary on topics such as mental health and effective ways of achieving success, happiness and wellbeing (inside and out).

If you’d like to interview Beth, please drop her a line via the contact page. She is very friendly and loves to share her knowledge and thoughts.