Making extra money when you’re strapped for cash needn’t mean squashing in a few hours doing a dead-end job after you’re already tired from a full day’s work. Drumming up extra cash to save for something special or pay off debts can involve doing something you enjoy. In fact, there are some very pleasurable ways of making more money which could give your happiness levels a boost.


They say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure and it really is true. Selling unwanted items online is a relatively easy way of making a bit of cash, with plenty of channels to choose from. Most people sell on ebay, but you can usually get a bit more cash for your stuff on Amazon if it’s in good condition, although it depends on what exactly the item is. You can also use item-specific websites for selling things extra-moneylike old gold, CDs, computer games and books if you don’t want the hassle of posting everything individually.

As well as bringing you a bit more income, selling off unwanted, un-needed items can actually make you happier too. Decluttering your physical space can make your mind clearer and make you feel more free. With fewer items gathering dust, there will be less cleaning to do and more space to breathe. It can also feel very satisfying to finally got rid of a load of junk that’s been sitting around. And take anything you don’t think will sell to a charity shop – while that may not make you money, knowing you’ve helped a good cause should put a smile on your face.

Make Money From Your Hobby

You can often find ways to monetise your hobby, whether it’s birdwatching, ballet, gadgets or gaming. Start a blog or video blog, posting interesting content about your hobby. ‘How-to’ posts tend to get a lot of traffic, as people are always looking for information on the internet. If you allow YouTube to put adverts on your videos, you can make money. You can also become an affiliate of eBay and Amazon and post product reviews to items on their websites related to your hobby. If people buy those items through your links, you can make a commission.

You can also sign up for advertising programmes like Google’s Adsense, which will pay you to put adverts on your website. The key to making money is having lots of good quality content to attract traffic, so this is not a quick cash-in, but it will bring you more passive income over time. There is almost no hobby you can’t make a bit of extra cash from, and you’ll enjoy doing it. If your hobby makes you happy, it’ll make you even happier to share it with

Throw More Parties

Throwing a party may not sound like a sensible way of making money – but it is if you have a product to sell. You can become a representative for a company and instead of knocking on doors to make sales, throw a party to present your wares. Tupperware parties, Ann Summers underwear parties and Avon make-up parties have all been known to make sales and what could be better than gathering your friends round to have some fun while supporting your new venture.

While at first you may only sell a few items to friends and family, if you make the party fun enough, you can ask your friends to bring along a guest or two each next time. The more fun you have, the more people will want to come, and the more sales you will make. There are many different products you can do this with, but those which are good to eat, indulge in, experiment and play with tend to be winners at parties. Seeing your guests having a good time should make you smile and when they find the perfect fit in one of your products, it’ll just add to that great feeling.

Become a Tutor

What do you know that other people would like to learn? Do you speak a second language? Are you exceptionally good at maths? Do you play guitar like Eric Clapton? Almost everyone has a hidden skill or talent that they could make extra money from through teaching, whether it’s related to sports, school or leisure. Tutors can make a good income and it’s fairly cheap to advertise your services. You can get a free listing on Google, post paper leaflets around your local neighbourhood and put notices up in nearby shops and cafes.

Most people find the process of tutoring very enjoyable – there is something about seeing a student make progress that makes us feel happy and satisfied. And you can earn a lot of money from it if you’re good at it and teach something people really want to learn. One of my friends made so much money teaching guitar that he was able to quit his job – and he loved every minute of it. If you’re able to create an easy-to-follow structure, you can even make an online course and sell it via a platform like Udemy. It’s fun to do and if you’ve presented it well and chosen a good title, it’ll make you money while you sleep. WiseistWise Moneybecome happy,careers advice,happiness,having more fun,how to make more money,making extra money,making money,money,wealth,wisdom,work,workingMaking extra money when you're strapped for cash needn't mean squashing in a few hours doing a dead-end job after you're already tired from a full day's work. Drumming up extra cash to save for something special or pay off debts can involve doing something you enjoy. In fact, there are some...Using Wisdom To Improve Your Life