I am writing a series of books for Wiseism fans. They will teach you wise ways to boost your brain, achieve more, and create better outcomes in all areas of your life, including health, wealth, and happiness.

  • The first book in the Wiseism series will be: INSTANT WISDOM: 10 Easy Ways to Get Smart Fast. In it, you will learn tools and techniques to make you smarter in minutes or even seconds.

Instant Wisdom will teach you:

Einstein’s top tool to be ultra-inventive (you can do this in your sleep)

The “Alice in Wonderland” technique that helps you learn anything (it’s fast and fun)

A way to boost your creativity that is so simple that kids can do it (it’s literally child’s play)

How to fool your brain into being super-focused (an actor used this trick to land millionaire-making roles)

An ancient technique that will make you much wiser (a famous philosopher’s secret weapon)

How to become cleverer doing things you love (this surprising method leads to happiness and success)

The tactic top athletes use for ultimate performance (but you don’t even have to leave your chair for this)

A delicious way to boost your logic (granny knows this trick, but I bet you don’t)

The “Smart Stranger” method for achieving instant insight (this is a genius way of solving any problem)

How to get great minds to improve your intelligence (no reading, money or bribes required)

… and much more. When you can boost your brainpower instantly, you will be able to solve personal problems much faster, become a better worker, save precious time on projects, and achieve your goals at lightning speed.  To get a taster, sign up below.